1. Paula Greif Ceramics – I’ve been looking at a lot of ceramics lately for ideas and inspiration. These are pretty great + a good NYTimes  read.
2. Bittermilk – Dying to get my hands on this charred grapefruit tonic with bulls bay sea salt. Handmade in Charleston.
3. Lovely lighting from score and solder via anthology mag
4. West coast craft & design show – wishing i was in SF for this event. top-notch makers selling their wares.
5. Dogs in the air found on Present&Correct via Julia Christe



The holidays are here! I’ve rounded up a few gifts for cocktail lovers, holiday party hosts, and well… for yourself. Everyone needs a stocked bar cart this holiday for entertaining and dealing with hosting family! South Carolina salt for margaritas, mojitos and morning bloodys, shiny moscow mule mugs, golden skewers for martinis, colorful cocktail coasters, more pretty copper, and lastly a mallet for crushing ice… or for letting out some holiday aggression.

1. margarita salt via   2. moscow mule mug via   3. gold cocktail pics via   4. cocktail coasters via a sensible habit  5. copper plated stainless steel pitcher via   6. ice mallet via



From to-do lists, to doodles, or jotting down ideas, I’m not sure a creative person can have too many notebooks.
Notebook #1 is a leather-bound notebook with lots of inserts and customization (seriously debating this one). #2 is extra fat and opens 360 degrees. #3 is a Moleskine + Evernote collaboration. Notebook #4 is also from Moleskine and designed for watercolour. #5 is a block style layout similar to a magazine spread, and lastly #6 is a beautiful pressed cotton-covered notebook.

Shop these items: 1/Midori Traveler’s Notebook Brown Leather 2/Sketch & Scrap Notebook 3/Moleskine Evernote business notebook  4/Moleskine watercolour journal 5/ Simple Scrap Notebook v1  6/

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  1. The Lively Show with Jen Gotch from – I love the brand and Jen Gotch’s vibe so this interview was a real treat. “Whenever you think it’s the end, it’s probably just the start of something else.”
  2. Foo Fighters Sonic Highways – HBO documentary with Dave Grohl and band traveling to eight legendary studios in eight different cities across the US. They write and record their new album, and explore the musical history of each city. I really liked the Washington D.C episode.
  3. 99U – Always delivering inspiration to my inbox.
  4. Serial Podcast –  I’m obsessed. If you like a good crime show, you’ll love this podcast. “Sarah Koenig, investigates the strange story surrounding the murder of a Baltimore high school student Hae Min Lee on January 13, 1999.
  5. Bill Murray – This guy. “I realized the more fun I had, the better I did…”


Blue sky Blue feathers. #colinadrianglass #staindglassfeather #stainedglass #feathers #handmade #brooklyn#glassfeathersSunday whites.  Kai, Eiko and I are having a very relaxed morning. #colinadrianglass #staindglassfeather #stainedglass#handmade #feathers

 I want a feather from Colin Adrian Glass to call my own…

And to see these colorful Tom Fruin works in person.

Kolonihavehus, 2010
found plexiglas, steel
12 x 12 x 14 feet

‘watertower’ by tom fruin, 2012
found plexiglas, steel, bolts
25 x 10 x 10 feet



  1. TRANSPARENT – I signed up for Amazon Prime (because I forgot to cancel after my trial), but so far I’m happy to have it! Transparent is a new web series on Amazon Prime, and I’m really liking it so far. The cast is great and the story line touches on gender and identity with the patriarch of an L.A. family coming out as transgender. Happy to hear the show was just picked up for a second season!
  2. Emmy Watson’s U.N. speech was so very good, and I’m listening to it on repeat. “You might be thinking who is this Harry Potter girl? And what is she doing up on stage at the UN.”
  3. Can’t stop thinking about Matisse after seeing this piece at LACMA. It looks like his work will be on display at the MOMA in 2015, and I hope to see it and maybe start experimenting with some cut paper work soon.
  4. Trying to get organized and maximize my time ( as usual). Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind (The 99U Book Series). Story of my life, but I like these guys a lot and so far the book has some solid advice, and definitely has made me think about how I’m spending (wasting) my time.
  5. Trading Spaces flash back! Grace Bonney interviewed Genevieve Gorder on After the Jump last week, and it was good. “I have such a better understanding of how little I need and how special it needs to be.”


It’s been a few weeks since my trip out west, and I’m still day dreaming about sunny beach days and amazing meals. The trip consisted of a week in Vegas for work followed by two days in San Diego and four days in LA. I was lucky enough to have great friends in both places to put me up and show me around town.
The Vegas leg of the trip was spent mostly inside a convention center , and the Bellagio was by far the highlight.

Chihuly at the Bellagio

That Thursday morning I took a 7am flight out-of-town and headed to San Diego. We started with brunch at Snooze, followed by a morning hike at Torrey Pines with beautiful views ,
had amazing tacos at Oscars, and did a little sightseeing around San Diego.


Torrey Pines Hike

Friday was spent on a cliff side beach with pups running around having the time of their lives ( and me starting to miss my fur ball).The ocean there had a much stronger pull than what I’m used to on the east coast, and  I was also nerding out on the seaweed.


Saturday morning we made the short drive to LA and started the day off with drinks and ping-pong at The Standard. That night we went to The Line Hotel to browse the Poketo store, have drinks at The Commissary and dinner at Roy Choi’s POT. Three spots I would definitely recommend hitting up if you are in LA.



Sunday we spent the day at Venice Beach and enjoyed a beautiful lunch at Gjelina . Their pizza’s were unique and ridiculously good. They now haunt me and make me sad when I realize just how far away they are from my belly…



Monday we did some shopping in Silverlake followed by a lunch (that I can’t stop thinking about) at Sqirl.
That pretty pink blob is brioche topped with ricotta and housemade jam. get outta here.


Dinner at Bestia with a group of friends


Eggslut at Grand Central Market followed by a trip to LACMA… and more shopping.


2014-09-15 09.47.09

Last but not least, my little LA snuggle buddy – Ozzy

I hit up so many good spots, and still have more places I wanted to go. Here is the run down of where we went to help plan your next pig-out/shopping spree in LA.

Pigging Out & Drinks

Grand Central Market





Son of a Gun

Pigging Out & Drinks


Spin Standard


Bar Stella

Mezzanine Bar at Ace



The General Store

Broome St. General Store

Reform School

Mohawk General Store



Alchemy Works


August and September were packed with trade shows and traveling so it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. I did manage to snap a few photos for a little home tour and interview with Josephine from the blog Courage & Dash. You can read my rambling and see more photos of our place over on her blog!

DiningRoom-2 livingroom dresser-detailbooks