Blue sky Blue feathers. #colinadrianglass #staindglassfeather #stainedglass #feathers #handmade #brooklyn#glassfeathersSunday whites.  Kai, Eiko and I are having a very relaxed morning. #colinadrianglass #staindglassfeather #stainedglass#handmade #feathers

 I want a feather from Colin Adrian Glass to call my own…

And to see these colorful Tom Fruin works in person.

Kolonihavehus, 2010
found plexiglas, steel
12 x 12 x 14 feet

‘watertower’ by tom fruin, 2012
found plexiglas, steel, bolts
25 x 10 x 10 feet



  1. TRANSPARENT – I signed up for Amazon Prime (because I forgot to cancel after my trial), but so far I’m happy to have it! Transparent is a new web series on Amazon Prime, and I’m really liking it so far. The cast is great and the story line touches on gender and identity with the patriarch of an L.A. family coming out as transgender. Happy to hear the show was just picked up for a second season!
  2. Emmy Watson’s U.N. speech was so very good, and I’m listening to it on repeat. “You might be thinking who is this Harry Potter girl? And what is she doing up on stage at the UN.”
  3. Can’t stop thinking about Matisse after seeing this piece at LACMA. It looks like his work will be on display at the MOMA in 2015, and I hope to see it and maybe start experimenting with some cut paper work soon.
  4. Trying to get organized and maximize my time ( as usual). Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind (The 99U Book Series). Story of my life, but I like these guys a lot and so far the book has some solid advice, and definitely has made me think about how I’m spending (wasting) my time.
  5. Trading Spaces flash back! Grace Bonney interviewed Genevieve Gorder on After the Jump last week, and it was good. “I have such a better understanding of how little I need and how special it needs to be.”


It’s been a few weeks since my trip out west, and I’m still day dreaming about sunny beach days and amazing meals. The trip consisted of a week in Vegas for work followed by two days in San Diego and four days in LA. I was lucky enough to have great friends in both places to put me up and show me around town.
The Vegas leg of the trip was spent mostly inside a convention center , and the Bellagio was by far the highlight.

Chihuly at the Bellagio

That Thursday morning I took a 7am flight out-of-town and headed to San Diego. We started with brunch at Snooze, followed by a morning hike at Torrey Pines with beautiful views ,
had amazing tacos at Oscars, and did a little sightseeing around San Diego.


Torrey Pines Hike

Friday was spent on a cliff side beach with pups running around having the time of their lives ( and me starting to miss my fur ball).The ocean there had a much stronger pull than what I’m used to on the east coast, and  I was also nerding out on the seaweed.


Saturday morning we made the short drive to LA and started the day off with drinks and ping-pong at The Standard. That night we went to The Line Hotel to browse the Poketo store, have drinks at The Commissary and dinner at Roy Choi’s POT. Three spots I would definitely recommend hitting up if you are in LA.



Sunday we spent the day at Venice Beach and enjoyed a beautiful lunch at Gjelina . Their pizza’s were unique and ridiculously good. They now haunt me and make me sad when I realize just how far away they are from my belly…



Monday we did some shopping in Silverlake followed by a lunch (that I can’t stop thinking about) at Sqirl.
That pretty pink blob is brioche topped with ricotta and housemade jam. get outta here.


Dinner at Bestia with a group of friends


Eggslut at Grand Central Market followed by a trip to LACMA… and more shopping.


2014-09-15 09.47.09

Last but not least, my little LA snuggle buddy – Ozzy

I hit up so many good spots, and still have more places I wanted to go. Here is the run down of where we went to help plan your next pig-out/shopping spree in LA.

Pigging Out & Drinks

Grand Central Market





Son of a Gun

Pigging Out & Drinks


Spin Standard


Bar Stella

Mezzanine Bar at Ace



The General Store

Broome St. General Store

Reform School

Mohawk General Store



Alchemy Works


August and September were packed with trade shows and traveling so it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. I did manage to snap a few photos for a little home tour and interview with Josephine from the blog Courage & Dash. You can read my rambling and see more photos of our place over on her blog!

DiningRoom-2 livingroom dresser-detailbooks


cedar+mossI have home improvements on the brain and I want to update a few lighting fixtures around the house. These solid brass lights from Cedar & Moss are at the top of the list. Our bedroom has been pretty neglected, but recently we’ve made progress by painting, adding new furniture and hanging a few things on the wall. I’m thinking a Cedar & Moss light for above the bedside table or dresser needs to happen. Too many lovely lights to choose from.



Photo Jul 16, 2 07 30 PM

Lately we’ve had beautiful sunny breezy days, and the leaves on the trees are casting great shadows. I snapped a few photos and a video on my afternoon walk (computer eye strain break), and I’m hoping to reference them for some new paintings.

Photo Jul 16, 2 08 27 PM Photo Jul 16, 2 08 38 PM Photo Jul 16, 2 08 45 PM Photo Jul 16, 2 09 23 PM


You guys! My Cheers+Clink and Salud+CinCin stamps were used for a super cute DIY on! Check it out!

diycoasters_sarahlove_theknot07 diycoasters_sarahlove_theknot11
Brighten Up Your Cocktail Hour With These DIY Neon Coasters and Cocktail Stirrers
With all the brights we’re seeing in weddings right now, it’s only right to accessorize your summer cocktails with punchy neon accessories. Gather the supplies for neon coasters and frilly stirrers for a DIY-inspired bridal shower activity, or make a set of coasters to gift to your bridesmaids.




I’ve never had a Negroni Cocktail (but love all things Italian) so Negroni Week seemed like a good time to try one. It’s a classic 3 ingredient cocktail that is technically and aperitif and meant to be enjoyed before the meal. Don’t let the bright fun color fool you, this drink is extra boozy and definitely an acquired taste.
Negroni Week is from June 2-8, and bars around the world are mixing up their favorite Negroni cocktails and donating a portion of the proceeds from each one sold to a charity of their choice. View the full list of bars and restaurants here, and hit the town this weekend for a Negroni!


Classic Negroni Recipe

Serves 1

1 ounce Campari
1 ounce sweet vermouth
1 ounce gin – I used Plymouth
Flamed orange peel for garnish or a plain orange peel will work too.

Combine all of the ingredients in a glass with ice and stir. To finish, run the flamed orange peel around the edge of the glass, lightly squeezing to express the orange peel over the glass, drop it in, and Enjoy!

Get the full Negroni scoop on


A new post series where I’ll share sketchbook snippets of what I’m working on. These doodles are for a custom stamp project in the works, and the ones not going to the client I turned into little decorative stamps. The lions and leaves are a study for some new baby items and who knows what else!

Crafted Westside Grand Opening is this Saturday!

I’ll be hanging out at Crafted Westside this Saturday for their Grand Opening Party! The party goes from 11-8 pm with various happenings during the day. King of Pops will be set up from 12:00-4:00 and their will be a craft beer tasting from 3:00-5:00pm. We’ll have giveaways, demos, sweets, and the store is stocked with lots of gifts for dad! Find more details on facebook! I’ll be there from around 12:00 to 6:00 and hope to see some of you locals there!

View the full list of vendors!





One of my all time favorite textile and clothing design houses, MARIMEKKO is celebrating
50 years of their iconic flower pattern, Unikko!
Maija Isola’s classic pattern was born in 1964 after Armi Ratia,
Marimekko’s founder, had announced that Marimekko would never print a flower pattern.
Maija refused to obey Armi’s orders and – in protest – created an entire series of gorgeous floral prints.
One of them was Unikko.



Gotta go shopping now…

Visit the Unikko 50th Anniversary site



I’m excited to announce that I’m a maker on the newly launched site GREAT.LY! It’s a fun concept and a great way to bring together Makers, Tastemakers, and Shoppers.  Tastemakers (your favorite bloggers and designers like SF GIRL BY BAY seen below) have set up boutiques on GREAT.LY, and filled them with hand-picked goods from different Makers on the site. Shoppers then get to browse the picks from their favorite bloggers and support handmade! There’s an amazing group of Makers and Tastemakers on the site, with more to come + special exclusives and collaborations. I have to say I’m getting a kick out of seeing my favorite bloggers add my items to their boutiques! Head over to GREAT.LY and check it out!


Just a handful of the GREAT.LY tastemakers!


Here’s how it works…





If I could go back in time and tell my 20-something-year-old self a thing or two, it would be to “put that money you’re spending on Marc Jacobs shoes towards some decent skin care products.” Better late than never I suppose. First I purchased the Midnight Recovery Oil Concentrate which came with free samples, and then with every free sample came another purchase. I’m actually noticing a difference in my skin, and each use feels like a little treat.  If you’re looking to upgrade your current beauty arsenal, head over to Kiehls and take advantage of 20% Off with the Friends and Family Sale – Expires 5/19/14 – Enter Code: ACCESS at checkout.

Avocado Eye Cream  – probably my favorite. has a green hue that lightens around the eye area. super thick and rehydrating. the texture is kind of crazy in a good way. If you are getting just one, get this one.
Exfoliator  - gentle and a little goes a long way. refreshed brighter skin
Toner   – minimize those pores
Facial Oil – light weight, apply at night to replenish skin, a dab will do ya.
Multi-Corrective Cream  – multi-targeted anti-aging. smooth, creamy, nice smell, and again you don’t need much. this one is a favorite.
Facial Cleanser  – mild and gentle cleanser
Recovery Eye Cream  – apply before bed to help reduce puffiness and under eye circles.
Line Reducing Concentrate - citrus serum that feels a bit warm when applied to the skin. anti-wrinkle and improves overall skin texture.




This is my attempt at a healthy and tasty breakfast in the morning. Lately I’m running around like crazy so I love that this can be prepped the night before or easily tossed together before heading out the door. I have been using fresh ground peanut butter, but then wholefoods sprung a chocolate almond butter on me. Needed that.


  • 6 oz Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Fresh Fruit – Strawberries, Bananas, Blueberries …
  • 1 tbsp Fresh Nut Butter – Peanut, Almond, or Dark Chocolate Almond seen here (what?!)

Additions & Substitutions:

  • Reduced Sugar Jam
  • Honey
  • Granola
  • Chopped Nuts
  • Lots of Nut Butters to choose from

I’m no nutritionist (obviously – oink oink), but I’m pretty sure this is a decent breakfast coming in under or around 250 calories depending on what you toss in.


Shop the linen towel pictured here.



From skillshare classes to workshops and tutorials, lately I can’t consume enough information. I want skilz. That’s why currently I’m tuning into podcast over music. The majority of the shows have inspiring information that relates back to my personal life and my business, but a handful are just interesting and funny content for a laugh. Between iTunes, iPads and iPhones, it’s easy to tune in from the shower, car or when working in the studio. I thought I would share a few of my current favorite podcasts and episodes.  Hope they help you get motivated, inspired or just have a laugh! If you have any favorite podcasts I would love to hear!

The Nerdist – Love all of these and there is a great back log. Aziz, Tom Hanks, Nick Offerman – so many good guests.

After the Jump – Grace Bonney has great tips for small businesses and bloggers + lots of creative interesting guests.

The Accidental Creative – short and sweet with lots of info pertaining to creatives.

The Lively Show – Debt Reduction and motivation with Eric Williams.

Smart Passive Income – I’ve just started listening to this show, but this particular episode struck a chord.

Person Place Thing  – Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan – Still checking this show out ,but I love listening to Jonathan Adler.

99U – Website and one of the best newsletters to hit my inbox. Particularly this Jonathan Adler talk “Keep Other People’s Opinions Out Of Your Creative Process”. Sign up for an email full of inspiring links.


see-you-next-year bad-ass-summer-print
I have a few new prints up in my Society6 shop! It’s a fun place to play around with new ideas, and currently I’m working on summertime and yearbook themed prints. I love seeing my designs turned into iPhone cases, mugs, clocks, shower curtains and rugs.

*** Take advantage of their Free Shipping and $5 off coupon through April 13th! ***
Click this link to shop!



Thanks to BRIKA my Tea Towel is pictured on the Refinery 29 website ! BRIKA was listed as one of the top E-Shops for inspiration by Refinery 29. I couldn’t agree more, and the site is in good company! You can see the towels in my shop with more styles hopefully being added soon.


I’m pretty much doing this right now:




I’m excited to announce that A Sensible Habit can now be shopped locally at Crafted Westside! The space is beautifully curated from the fixtures to the long list of amazing local artist. The shop is located in The Brickworks right near Octane Coffee, Bocado, The Optimist and many more great restaurants and shops.



The ladies putting this place together have done an amazing job. From the fixtures to selecting the artist that will be featured in the shop. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this new little community!

They will be open 7 days a week, and down the road hope to host classes and workshops. To celebrate the grand opening, each artist is being featured on Saturday and Sunday through the month of may. Stop by and meet the artist and take advantage of the free goodie bags up for grabs. I’m planning mine in late May so stay tuned!

VISIT:   Monday – Saturday 11-7 pm or Sunday 12-5pm
check in on Foursquare if you do…

FOLLOW:    Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newsletter




With some new linen sheets from Area Inc. and a new bed from West Elm our bedroom is finally coming along.
We still need to add a few more furniture pieces and hang some art work, but it’s getting there.
I’m in love with the white linen sheets, and want all linen everything from head to toe and all around.
See more of my bedroom daydreaming on Pinterest!
/////  Sources  /////   nicole franzen  natural bed company  H&M bedding



Shop_BlogThese days I seem to be living by the words of  Tom and Donna – Treat Yo Self! – Maybe a little too much…
I find myself buying less and spending a little more on special items rather than disposable ones. Most days I’m reaching into the closet for these three pieces. The Hackwith top is comfy and just too easy, and if you are thinking of splurging on a nice pair of booties, buy this boot. I’m obsessed with these boots.

Loeffler Randal Fitz Chelsea Bootie   |   Imogene and Willie Denim Hackwith Design Hillside Top


nashville_1If you follow along on instagram you know that we spent the last weekend in Nashville pigging out and having an amazing time. This was my first trip to Nashville and I truly loved it. The place just kind of felt like home… The country girl in me was singing along to Conway Twitty’s “tight fitting jeans” at Robert’s Western World and my printmaker past had me all giddy at Hatch Show Print.

nashville-3 nashville-4

Along with the great restaurants, coffee shops, and music the city hast to offer, it’s overflowing with amazing artisans. We visited 3 beautiful shops Otis and James, Emil Erwin, Imogene and Willie and did a tour and tasting at Corsair Distillery.


The trip was Friday night to Monday and I definitely left feeling like there was so much more I wanted to do. You can view my full to-do list on Foursquare here. I’ll save my praise and preaching about glorious Foursquare for another post.

308 – Dan Auerbach was spinning records, craft cocktails and vintage motorcycles. Geoff was in heaven.
Crying Wolf - this was near our airbnb. great decor and a little patio.
Tavern – we did brunch here with 2 for one drinks. get the Singapore Stir Fry.
Husk – beautiful space, amazing food, and the bartender made me my favorite gin martini ever. I’ll be attempting that at home and share the details.
Hattie B’s Hot Chicken – spicy goodness – we went with medium and it was plenty hot.
Mas Tacos Por Favor – what?! yes. so good.


see + do
hatch show print – beautiful letterpress and screen print posters
imogene and willie – drop some cash on some denim
emil erwin – beautiful leather goods
corsair distillery – tour the operation and taste the products. we brought back 3 bottles!
loveless cafe – walk around the little shops while you wait for your table – fatty food and biscuits – about a 30 min drive from downtown.
robert’s western world – live old school country and adorable boot koozies.
tootsie’s world famous – more live music and fun



Last Look mirror

I’ve been an Etsy member/seller since 2006, and in all that time I’ve surprisingly never made a purchase! That changed recently thanks to an Etsy gift card, and I picked up two beautiful pieces from Meg A. Myers Designs. I love the copper on the pyramid and that has me thinking about the copper mirror , but I went with the black shown below. The mirror is going by the front door while the pyramid will hang in the kitchen window where I can see it often.

Hanging Pyramid Suncatcher

         Last Look Mirror  and   Hanging Pyramid Suncatcher from Meg A. Myers Designs

Not to sound like a ole bitty, but in the early Etsy days Blogs, Instagram, Facebook and twitter either didn’t exist or weren’t as widely used as they are today. Etsy and social media have changed a lot over the last few years, and I’m constantly amazed at the opportunities we have as artist to self promote. I’m looking forward to purchasing more handmade pieces!



I’m headed to Nashville today! Geoff’s been there since Tuesday for work, and we decided to make a long weekend of it. I’ve been getting in the honky tonky mood on spotify and I’ve made a random little playlist. I have a lot of classic southern rock/country on vinyl, and I must confess that I love the TV Show Nashville. So the playlist starts with the old and ends more current with a few tunes from the show.

We missed the reservation at Catbird Seat, but we do have reservations at Rolf and Daughters and Husk. My foursquare to-do list has a few other things, but if anyone has a recommendations for the weekend I would love to hear them!



My best friends couples baby shower was last month and it was a lot of fun! I used these GIANT mylar balloons, paper honeycomb balls, and a few vintage items here and there for decor. I’m not so sure we had a theme, but there was a silver, vintage circus vibe going on.




I’m in love with these vintage popcorn bags, and certain the leftover ones will come in handy again. There was a Mimosa Bar and a Gin, Blackberry, Meyer Lemon Cocktail. I’m realizing you don’t need a lot of options for the mimosa bar. A simple Bellini or maybe a second option like orange, grapefruit or cranberry juice.



A dear friend sent me The Kinfolk Table cookbook for my birthday, and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve only just picked it up, but can’t wait to read everyone’s stories and try the recipes. It’s part cookbook, part narrative, and features 85 recipes from creatives around the world. I’m hoping my 2014 is filled with dinners and gatherings like the ones in this book.


“those evenings spent with friends when the hours pass effortlessly, conversation flows naturally,
cooking is participatory,and the evening ends with a satisfying sense of accomplishment.”


“Entertaining looks different for each of us, but as long as we’re cooking and inviting people into our homes
with a genuine interest in connecting, conversing and eating together,
then the way we do these things will ultimately come naturally.”


 “entertaining has many more shapes and forms than what that term often brings to mind. It can be the most elaborate and boisterous thing in the world, and it can also be quiet, personal, and low key, a meditative ritual we enjoy on our own. It can be planned, structured, and executed wonderfully, but it can also be last-minute, spontaneous, a team effort, and wonderfully imperfect.”

so gooooooood.


Common Creative ATL is hosting a giveaway on facebook!
Head over and enter to win. You’ll also find my latest DIY for clay ornaments on their site!