Block Shop Textiles Founders ( and Sisters ) Hopie & Lily Stockman in their California studio

I’ve swooned over and instagram liked so many photos from Block Shop Textiles that I’m thinking it might be time to have one of my very own. The question is, which one to pick! They are all soooo good, and a new collection launched today. I love how they play double duty as wearable scarves and as beautiful wall hangings. blockshop


Block Shop scarves are all printed by hand with carved wooden blocks in Bagru, Rajasthan. This method is known as hand block printing, and in keeping with the textile traditions of Bagru, vegetable and mineral dyes are used whenever possible. They detail the whole process from start to finish on their site — CLICK for more about the printing process.


“Block Shop is a textile company that marries the traditional Indian hand block printing process with a modern California aesthetic. Our products are a collaboration between sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman in Los Angeles and a family of printers and dyers in Rajasthan.” READ MORE About Block Shop

All Photos from the amazing Block Shop Textiles Website

update: this guy is all mine :)




I had a big list of To-Do’s for the second part of our trip to Tulum, but once we checked into our hotel… that all went out the window. After 3 days of all-inclusive wedding drinking we were ready to relax, and I was actually okay with that. We stayed at the Hotel Mezzanine which was near the Tulum ruins, and on the opposite end from where a lot of the hotels and restaurants are. We walked through the little entryway to an intimate area that seemed totally closed off from the rest of the world. There was music playing, a few people enjoying the 2 for 1 margarita happy hour, lots of places to sit and chill, and pretty plants everywhere. We checked in at the front desk and were immediately handed margaritas. Off to a good start.


The Mezzanine has 9 rooms so there is always room for you to relax in the hammocks, lounge chairs or beds on the property. The staff is also very friendly, and delivers a little basket of coffee with a treat to your door at 7:00am every morning.  There is a Thai restaurant in the hotel with an excellent breakfast, fresh juice and smoothies, and great Thai for dinner. I think our hotel being so lovely resulted in us not venturing out very far, and this feeling like a post about our hotel more than Tulum itself!


Directly in front of the hotel it was a bit rocky, but this made for a nice view of the ocean. To the left was an empty beach with just a few chairs, and very few people. I watched the sunrise every morning (that does not go down back home) and I watched guys shovel seaweed into wheel barrels, push it through the sand, and bury it up towards the dunes. I read in the paper that there is more seaweed than usual washing up, and the look and odor isn’t loved by the service industry.


We DID manage to leave our hotel area and explore. Coqui Coqui is instagram worthy photo heaven. It was cute as all hell inside, and smelled so good. I bought a perfume and a dress from the shop, but if we ever go back I definitely want to visit the spa, and maybe stay here.


When you walk out to the beach from Coqui Coqui and take a right, you’ll see La Eufemia located behind the Parayso Hotel. Stop here for tasty tacos and cocktails on the beach. We had the fried fish taco, fried shrimp taco, and the mixed ceviche. My favorite part is the little window where you can pile on sauces and toppings. It’s extremely chill and laid back —-> Today relax and eat some F**king Tacos.


We walked the Tulum ruins, but went a little late in the day. I would suggest hitting this first thing in the AM because it was pretty hot. I would also suggest dressing for swimming in the beach area, and grabbing fresh fruit and a coconut on the way out. Lots of Iguanas hanging out here. Notice the guy posing in my pic on the edge of the rock wall.

Tulum-1Tulum-2 There are shops, restaurants and lots of places for cocktails along the jungle side. The restaurants seemed to be pretty dead during the day, which is to be expected I guess when there is a breezy beach on the other side. I feel like we didn’t see many people at all. Even the beaches weren’t crowded. Maybe people are off doing the Cenotes and Eco Parks. Those things that got scratched from my big To-Do list when all the hammocks, and lounge areas appeared. We didn’t stress about missing out, instead we said… next time.


We had dinner at Gitano which was super cute and delicious (mushroom truffle tacos), and once the sun went down Tulum seemed pretty happening. My big plan was dinner at Hartwood, but they were only open 1 of the 3 nights that we were in Tulum. APPARENTLY you can go and put your name on a list starting at 3pm. I was under the impression that it was no reservations, but I guess I didn’t do my research. When we stopped by at 4pm to feel the place out, we were out of luck. I was sad, but only for a minute… next time.gitano-dinnerHAMMOCK

This was my favorite spot at the hotel, and for once we just laid around, did nothing, and I actually read a book – Bossypants and it was Hilarious. It seems laying in hammocks and looking at the ocean was plenty of adventure for me, but I do hope we get to go back, and check off a few more things on my To-Do list. The Cenotes are supposed to be amazing and the Eco Parks look like a lot of fun. HAMMOCK-1Mezzanine-3

A few more Places of Interest gathered from friends and google:

El Tabano – we actually had a great lunch + sangria here
Hemingway – seafood pasta
Posada Margherita – supposed to be very cute
Hartwood – ugh.
Casa Jaguar – for drinks
El Camello Jr. – ceviche
Antojitos La Chiapaneca – for tacos el pastor
Flor De Michocan – for paletas



I’m back from our trip to Mexico, and getting back in the groove has not been easy… I miss the beach! We landed in Cancun and took the ferry over to Isla Mujeres for a friend’s wedding to start off the trip. Everyone stayed at the Privilege Aluxes which was right on the beach and a short walk from the ferry. We went with the all-inclusive package, and it seemed to be a great deal for what we paid. The rooms were huge, had living areas, patios and small kitchens. The upper suites even had little private pools.  Apparently the hotel was pretty full, but it never seemed busy or crowded. IMG_8952.JPG


We woke up at sunrise a couple of mornings and sat on the beach before heading out to explore the streets a bit while they were nice and quiet. Another day the group hung out on the beach all day and around the hotel pool bar. When it’s all-inclusive you tend to not leave the resort very much, but we did venture out in search of late night tacos after too much day drinking.  There was zero cell service and the wifi was out, but it was easy enough to run into everyone on the property.

isla mujeres


Iguanas were everywhere! I had no idea we would see so many just hanging out. Hammocks were also abundant, and I’m realizing I need more of them in my life.



We also had a “snorkeling” adventure… ahem… scam…? So when I guy comes up to you on the beach and offers you snorkeling for $35 a person…. Pass on that.

IMG_8917.JPGOne day we rented golf carts to cruise and explore the island. We hung out at a Reggae Bar called The Joint that had some pretty tasty frozen mojitos, good music, and there were some domesticated dogs to pet. We drove to the end of the island and walked around exploring the Punta Sur Sculpture Garden in Parque Garrafón. This area was probably my favorite from what we saw on the island.
IMG_8933.JPGIMG_8924.JPG IMG_8936.JPG


This WATER. Good. Lawd.


 This photo is from an area called North Beach that looked really nice as well. We sat and had beers here at Buho’s beach bar that has swings for seats. If you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive beach getaway, we made out pretty good in Isla Mujeres.

Lots of photos from the second half of our trip to Tulum coming next week + a little packing list of what we brought with, and what we should have left behind!



1. Emily Henderson’s 23 year old style journal. Pretty amazing and makes me want to get on some serious journaling.

2. A daily uniform is starting to seem like a pretty good idea. My brain is tired.

3. Pressed Seaweed Prints – yes please I wanna make these.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Hilarious new sitcom created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock and starring Ellie Kemper.

5. New Tech City is an interesting podcast I’ve been listening to. They also host a week of Bored and Brilliant challenges that guide you to less phone time and more creativity. You can start the challenge at any time, and I hope to give it a try some time soon.

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Sharing a long over due post from my trip to New York last month! I worked, met up with friends, made time for museums and discovered some new favorite restaurant spots.  Charlie Bird was my most memorable meal, and will be the place I revisit next time. Their About Us page quotes the Beastie Boys, and I actually have a crush on some fancy ass Zalto wine glasses now.

Charlie BirdIMG_6310.JPG

I also finally managed to get my “been workin on my feet all day tired self” over to Brooklyn for dinner at Diner. It was so lovely and well worth the trip. The menu is written out on the table while the server goes over it. Our server was pretty and had a soothing voice so I zoned out, and had to ask a lot of questions and for repeats.



Made a date at Prune of course…


Being in New York to see Henri Matisse The Cut-Outs at the MoMa was definitely the highlight. The gift shop was selling the scissors seen in my first pic, and I was skeptical, but I have to say…. they are pretty awesome. I plan to get my Matisse on and do some cut-paper-collage work.


The Cooper Hewitt has also recently reopened, and it’s one of my favorite museums. They have interesting exhibits centered around historic and contemporary design and the building itself is stunning.



IMG_6430.JPG Burr. See You Next Time NYC.

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