I’ve added some new ring dishes to the shop! These are perfect for tossing your rings and bracelets into or for little office doodads. They kind of remind me of these beautiful galaxy donuts by @sobeautifullyraw on Instagram. I want to eat them, and I want to make a plate with a glaze just like the glaze on these magical donuts. Check out her Instagram feed for more stunning food shots!

Galaxy Donuts via sobeautifullyraw

pic via @theshinysquirrel + @sobeautifullyraw



We’ve been doing a fair amount of traveling this past month, so I made it a point to have an open calendar this past weekend. I’ve just finished a big textile order and it was nice to take a minute to catch my breath and work on some handpainted notebooks to drop off at citizen supply. They were really fun and relaxing to make after being in production mode lately.


Saturday night I finally had the chance to check out BettleCat in Inman Quarter and everything was delicious! I had an early bird dinner date with my gal pal and we hoped around to AMER and Friti after.


As per usual with Ford Fry restaurants the place was super cute inside.

We started the meal with cocktails (Singapore Sling for me) and ordered a lot of share plates. The crudo section of the menu was at the top of my list, and the cabbage crab salad, hamachi, cobia chips and beef tartare were all favorites.


Hamachi With Squid Ink | BettleCat


Next, we had oysters and a bottle of champagne as dessert, but to our surprise, the staff sent out an amazing coconut pie that I keep thinking about, and will be back for. We got there super early (granny style) and had no problem scoring a seat in the dining area upstairs. Can’t wait to go back!


Sunday we took it easy and had family over for homemade pizzas on the Big Green Egg. We are slowly using this big guy more and more, and the BGE really knows how to cook a pizza! The crust gets nice and crisp and has great flavor coming off the grill. We made 3 pizzas total, but this heirloom tomato, mozzarella, and prosciutto was the prettiest of them all.

img_2814.jpg img_2819.jpg

Traveling is amazing, but I do love a good easy going weekend at home! This summer is absolutely flying by!

NOTEWORTHY * 6.13.16


1. In The Country We Love  – loved this book and Diane Guerrero reads the audio which I like. Very inspirational!

2. Japanese artist Mariko Kusumoto uses translucent fabric to produce balloon-like objects, orbs that contain various forms trapped within their soft exterior. via colossal – In love with these sculptural works, and especially like the sea creature ones.

3. Hillary Clinton vs Herself  – Excellent read on Hillary Clinton.

4. WOMAN with Gloria Steinem on Viceland – The raw and revolutionary look at womanhood brings together a team of female journalists who explore how violence against women drives global instability. I’ve only watched the first two episodes, but this show is intense and very emotional.

5. My girls are back! Grace & Frankie Season 2. I LOVE seeing these women on TV and the guys kill it too. Lots of laughs, heartfelt goodness and it’s nice to see actors 70+ taking center stage and talking about love, sex, and life as they age.

This Noteworthy post is all about the ladies!

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tulum-mexicoWe booked the second half of our stay at the Mezzanine in Tulum, and stayed at the same spot as last year since we liked it so much, and knew what to expect. Our little hammock spot and frozen margaritas were waiting for us when we arrived.

This next pic makes me sad. I was on a mission this trip to eat at Hartwood, and we got there early and waited in line for about 30 min before someone came up, and informed everyone that they were closed for Mother’s Day. SAY WHAT?! Clearly it’s just not meant to be for me to eat here. That was a pretty big bummer, but C’est la vie because we are still somewhere beautiful, and there is plenty of tasty food to be had. While Geoff was holding our spot in (the pointless) line at Hartwood I popped into Coqui Coqui to pick up a souvenir. This place is so lovely and I snagged another perfume and a rose room scent. So now our bedroom at home can smell like the one from Mexico, and I’m reminded of relaxing in the sunshine.

img_1939.jpgNext, we headed over to our favorite little taco joint, Taqueria La Eufemia. There is a beach view with excellent people watching, drinks, tacos, good tunes, and extremely chill vibes… Snag a seat, order some fish tacos and make some new friends. I also ordered these skewered shrimp by accident and they ended up being delicious.
The next day we had lunch at the super cute Posada Margherita with an unbeatable view and delicious Italian food. The place is super cute and I was snapping photos all over the place.

img_2173.jpg img_2172.jpgLook at this complimentary bread and snack plate, LOOK at the burrata, and the caipirinha! YUM. I want it now.

img_2036.jpgimg_2168.jpg img_2167.jpg

After lunch, we took a long beach walk and stopped for super cheap massages right on the beach.


I’m usually a night owl and not an early riser, but here I tend to get up, and outside around 7am. The hotel leaves a little coffee basket at your door around 6:30, and I ease into the morning with that, journaling and just staring out at the ocean really. The breakfast at the hotel is convenient and really good.

img_2411.jpg img_2412.jpg

Geoff slept in and I had some alone time to wander around and take a long walk. I collected a few seashell treasures to bring back and took lots of plant photos. I’ll do a separate post on those because I intend to make patterns or some sort of artwork with them.

img_2413.jpg img_2122.jpg img_2100.jpg img_2067.jpg

Soooo… You get the idea. It was relaxing and we had a great time. We also had an excellent dinner at Casa Banana (twice) and the red snapper carpaccio is burned into my memory.

Check out  more pics and spots to visit on Part 1 or last years post! 



This year we had some friends get married, and give us the chance to visit Mexico again! We left Thursday morning, and made sure to board the plane with our little carry on cocktail kit. We’ve used this before so I refilled it, and added an extra bottle with syrup for an old fashioned.

img_1732.jpg We split the trip just like last year, with an all-inclusive resort for 3 nights, and then 2 nights in Tulum. The wedding was at Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya, a luxury all-inclusive (adults only) resort that was about an hour drive from the Cancun airport. The place was pretty amazing, with beautifully manicured grounds and A+ service. Our room wasn’t quite ready when we arrived, but we were greeted with a glass of champagne, and then went for a bite to eat while we waited.

img_1758.jpg img_1916.jpg

The Lobby at Secrets Akumal

The Lobby at Secrets Akumal

The resort is a pretty good size and never seemed crowded. There are plenty of places to relax and 3 different swimming pools on the property. Some of them were quiet and perfect for lounging while the one close to the beach was a bit rowdier with a swim up bar for mingling and making new friends. Thursday we grabbed lunch at one of the restaurants, spent a little time by the pool, and settled in before heading to dinner. It was Cinco De Mayo and they had a giant buffet set up and a Mariachi band performing. Later that night we all went to the “night club” that is located on the resort for over indulging and some excellent people watching.



gettin tipsy with my koozie


The beach was beautiful and there are paddle boards, snorkeling gear and kayaks readily available for no extra charge. You can venture out just off the beach to view the green sea turtle population that the area is known for. We spent Friday in the sun with drinks and food delivered on the beach before heading into Tulum with the wedding party for dinner. By Saturday we were ready to take it easy under the shade before the wedding.


There are 6 restaurants on the resort, but we only tried a few since there were some prearranged wedding activities. We did the breakfast buffet every morning, and it was stocked with pretty much anything you could think of. The chilaquiles were a favorite of mine, but I tried to pile a little of everything on my plate. There is also 24 hour food and drink access in your room or out in the cafe, and we felt that all the food and bev were pretty good for an all-inclusive spot.



We enjoyed quite a few Icebergs (beers topped off with frozen margaritas) while lounging on the beach.


The time seemed to go by so quickly and suddenly it was almost time to go. Saturday we celebrated, danced, and took tequila shots. Sunday we had room service, said our goodbyes, and hoped in the car for the 30 minute drive to Tulum. An all-inclusive trip is definitely different and not always the way to go, but it can be an extremely relaxing and worry free experience. A lot of our trips are to cities where It seems we are rushing around and not really relaxing. Sometimes its nice to just read a book, have a drink and take a nap. No phone, wallet, or ID needed.

Lots of photos from the second half of our trip to Tulum coming asap!

NOTEWORTHY * 3.17.16


1.  Currently listening to Rebecca Traister’s book All The Single Ladies Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation on Audible, and really liking it!  The book goes into historical references, the feminist movement, and current pop culture. Definitely Recommend!

2. Fashionably Dressed Flowers

3. The Things Kurt Cobain Left Behind

4. Alliums Fried Rice from Molly Yeh – So easy and so good! I use frozen rice and it really made this super quick.

5. So obsessed with Astronaut Scott Kelly’s photos of Earth.


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Save the Date! Local Maker Pop-Up at West Elm

Screenshot 2016-03-16 12.16.16

Please join me and fellow Atlanta Makers on Saturday, April 2nd from 1pm – 6pm.
Each of the featured artist will set-up shop with their jewelry, home goods, ceramics and more at
West Elm Atlantic Station!
• Curated and Hosted by Jess Smith, from Lady Flashback

RSVP here + share with your friends!

I’m excited to be included with this talented group for the day!
View more details and see the artist list on the West Elm Blog.



I spent the holidays working on a big (little) plate order for Kendra Scott’s Spring display launch, and it is now in stores! They are in 37 stores across the U.S. hanging out with all of the pretty Kendra Scott jewels as an accent on their table tops.12687953_1099801836719548_3950572046368172484_n

Their team was a dream to work with and this project was a really great experience. I visited the store at Shops Around Lenox to take a few photos and snag myself a pair of new earrings from the Spring Collection, and the staff there was also super nice. This was one of my first big custom projects, and I think I really lucked out! If there is a store in your area, I hope you’ll stop in and have a look!

Find these plates for sale here!

12661767_1099801810052884_392426169503261359_n 12657301_1099801830052882_6863064049463843737_o 12662595_1099801860052879_2301523748950088749_n 12717426_1099801883386210_5274143112638512120_n


Photo Jan 08, 9 37 18 AM

I’m a few days late, but I  jotted down my Year in Review for 2015 annnnd I managed to whip up a printable sheet for you guys if you want to do the same. My 2014 list was done in my notebook, but this year I thought a printed sheet would be sweet. This is a new little tradition, and I think they will be fun to look back on down the road. You can download it here!

This year has been pretty amazing with lots of travel and personal/business growth. I’ve had the opportunity to partner with so many cool companies and individuals, and I’m truly excited for what 2016 will bring… More on that later when I start The 52 Lists Project Book from Moorea Seal!



This year I’m excited to participate in a couple of local markets, and I hope you’ll come out and shop my goods in person! First up is the Indie Craft Spectacular next weekend, and then Root City Market in December. Can’t wait to see everyone!