One moment. One meal. One photograph. Let’s eat.  The Meal Project is coming up on February 22nd! The idea is to virtually bring people around the globe together and raise awareness about world hunger. It’s easy to participate by simply snapping a photo of yourself and your meal at 12pm EST, and then tweet it @arthouse or email them at

You will more than likely be instagraming your meals that day anyway, so this time don’t forget to hashtag them with #themeal , and send them in!


“These simultaneous snapshots – self-portraits of people and their foods – will then be tweeted and posted online for the world to share. Our aim is to inspire a feeling of community across geographic and cultural boundaries.So wherever you may be on February 22nd at 12pm, keep your camera handy and something delicious nearby – and remember that thousands of strangers, both near and far, are sharing that meal with you”


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