From skillshare classes to workshops and tutorials, lately I can’t consume enough information. I want skilz. That’s why currently I’m tuning into podcast over music. The majority of the shows have inspiring information that relates back to my personal life and my business, but a handful are just interesting and funny content for a laugh. Between iTunes, iPads and iPhones, it’s easy to tune in from the shower, car or when working in the studio. I thought I would share a few of my current favorite podcasts and episodes.  Hope they help you get motivated, inspired or just have a laugh! If you have any favorite podcasts I would love to hear!

The Nerdist – Love all of these and there is a great back log. Aziz, Tom Hanks, Nick Offerman – so many good guests.

After the Jump – Grace Bonney has great tips for small businesses and bloggers + lots of creative interesting guests.

The Accidental Creative – short and sweet with lots of info pertaining to creatives.

The Lively Show – Debt Reduction and motivation with Eric Williams.

Smart Passive Income – I’ve just started listening to this show, but this particular episode struck a chord.

Person Place Thing  – Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan – Still checking this show out ,but I love listening to Jonathan Adler.

99U – Website and one of the best newsletters to hit my inbox. Particularly this Jonathan Adler talk “Keep Other People’s Opinions Out Of Your Creative Process”. Sign up for an email full of inspiring links.

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