From to-do lists, to doodles, or jotting down ideas, I’m not sure a creative person can have too many notebooks.
Notebook #1 is a leather-bound notebook with lots of inserts and customization (seriously debating this one). #2 is extra fat and opens 360 degrees. #3 is a Moleskine + Evernote collaboration. Notebook #4 is also from Moleskine and designed for watercolour. #5 is a block style layout similar to a magazine spread, and lastly #6 is a beautiful pressed cotton-covered notebook.

Shop these items: 1/Midori Traveler’s Notebook Brown Leather 2/Sketch & Scrap Notebook 3/Moleskine Evernote business notebook  4/Moleskine watercolour journal 5/ Simple Scrap Notebook v1  6/

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