1. Sleepy Jones Journal – Sleepy Jones is a collection of sleep/lounge wear started by Andy Spade, Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri (from Kate Spade, Jack Spade and Partners & Spade). What I love the most is their journal full of interesting and quirky imagery. Lots of inspiration and fun stuff to look at.

2. Podcast – Pitch a music podcast exploring how we are all affected by music. loving this podcast so far, and it lead me over to The Barbarians, and  listening to 60’s garage rock all day.

3. A Collection A Day by Lisa Congdon – I’ve been hanging on to doodads from travels and other little collections with the intent to frame. I’m feeling inspired by this book and photos to maybe get around to it someday soon.

4. Creative Unblock – The Jealous Curator – You can get the book and/or participate in her new monthly projects on the blog. This month the creative unblock is – Make a drawing in black and white {or use a found image} and then photocopy the drawing onto card stock 50 times. Then, alter the image in as many different ways as you can think of with colored pencils, paint, cutting, whatever. I love this idea and hope to make some time to try it.

5. Prune Cookbook – So excited about this beauty. I’ve read her memoir (Blood, Bones & Butter) and Prune is one of my all time favorite spots in New York. I also adore her use of pink.

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