A Sensible Habit is a playful line of home and lifestyle goods designed by Brandy Schuman that includes hand painted textiles, ceramics, rubber stamps, and stationery for the like-minded young-at-heart.  Inspired by her travels, the South, and her everyday surroundings, she creates whimsical and colorful items that add an extra touch of fun to entertaining and the home.


I fell in love with Printmaking because of all the different tools and mediums. On a life-changing study abroad trip to Italy, I met my best friend who was a Textiles major. Fast friends, we took classes in each other’s major, yapping and collaborating like crazy. We started a little business making artwork, tees, and women’s accessories and were picked up by a few Atlanta boutiques. Instead of couches in our lofts, we had 6 foot art tables! We were eager, hopeful, and all in, but we eventually succumbed to 9-5 jobs, and the business was put on hold.

In 2006, I started my blog as a personal diary and creative outlet, documenting my trips and my appreciation for all things food and cocktail relatedGradually, however, the blog evolved into designing party invites for my dearest friends and creating products that complemented my daily life and love for entertaining, canning, and cooking.  In 2010, I listed a few items in my Etsy shop and things started building from there.

Working out of my home studio in Atlanta, Georgia and originally from Savannah, I’m influenced by the South, but I find inspiration everywhere. Some of the best ideas come from just putting pen or brush to paper and going for it. I’m not a big planner and enjoy an organic creative process, letting my ideas flow freely.

In the past few years, I’ve taken letterpress, calligraphy, and ceramics classes. Constantly exploring new mediums, art has always been a part of my life. I’ve never entertained the idea of doing anything else. Turning my designs into functional items and seeing them go off into the world is beyond exciting, rewarding, and a dream come true.